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Troy McCann: Our science-non-fiction future in space

WED 28 APRIL 7:30-8:30

Most people think that space is someplace far away, detached from our planet and despite bold promises over several decades, it remains impossible to reach for the everyday person.

To most people, space is seen as an exciting luxury for wealthy nations and billionaires, and an unnecessary expense when weighed against the great challenges we face today. Our planet is perceived as our whole world, despite being an infinitesimal speck on the backdrop of an entire universe.

In truth, space tech already underpins our entire economy. The International Space Station is only 400km away – half the distance between Melbourne and Sydney – and today a space business can be launched for a tenth of the cost of an investment property in Sydney.

Join Troy to gain a new perspective about outer space, and your part in creating a future that sounds like science-fiction today.