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$27.46 – $32.74

John Moyle profiles the Razorhurst Walking Tour, which takes participants on a journey through the history and criminal underbelly of Sydney’s inner east.

Post-World War I, Sydney’s dingy inner eastern suburbs became lucrative turf for prostitution, drugs, illicit booze and gambling.

Overseeing this cornucopia of crime were two women, who relied on thugs to protect their fiefdoms and create new territories, all done with the enforcement of a fearsome new weapon.

About Sydney’s gang wars in the twenties the Truth newspaper wrote, “ Men who defy the black muzzle quail before the bright blade held threateningly to their cheek.”

Picked up by an insatiable press, the legend of Razorhurst was born – and with it, the rise of Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh, the two richest women in Sydney, and a myriad of low lifes, who otherwise would have remained unknown, was assured.

One hundred years later, the legends are as strong as ever and now can be re-imagined on the Razorhurst Walking Tour.

Produced by Blacmange Productions, the Razorhurst Walking Tour is a two hour true crime walking tour through the streets of Kings Cross, Darlinghurst and East Sydney that takes participants back in time to the places where the criminals lived and their crimes took place.

Starting Location:

Under Coca Cola Sign

94 Darlinghurst Road

Kings Cross, NSW 2011