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69 COMMONWEALTH ST, SURRY HILLS NSW 2010 T. 02 9281 3322



Housed in the heritage-listed Griffiths Tea building lies an unconventional incarnation of South East Asian dining. After laying dormant for 30 years, it is a space we brought back to life by defying dining tradition, for boundary-pushing style of eating, experimentation and expression.

Chin Chin lives by the philosophy that eating and drinking should be fun and relaxing, we’re all about stimulating a sensory overload that our guests can’t help but come back for. Our menu is a rowdy chorus of South East Asian dishes, with a spotlight on the harmony and delicacy of Thai. The dining, music and art scenes converge at Chin Chin and we’re an instigator in them, never just a spectator. Elevating what inspires us and those around us and (sometimes literally) exposing people to a different experience every time.